Retail Therapy: Clinical Insights in Blush Magazine

I was recently contacted by The Blush magazine in order to contribute to a piece examining the causes, meaning, and potential effects of the phenomenon popularly known as "retail therapy."  I was happy to be a part of this article, as I find this topic highly relevant to my clinical work.  Many times during times as stress or sadness we look for ways to comfort or distract ourselves, and while some may chose overindulging in drugs, alcohol, or sex, others indulge in shopping sprees.  

Whatever the actual behavior, I think we can all relate to the desire to distract ourselves from these negative emotions, even if just momentarily.   While distraction in and of itself is not intrinsically bad, it can potentially lead to some negative consequences and unhealthy patterns.  For more on this, as well as possible ways in which to indulge your need for comfort and still find a healthy and productive solution to your distress, please read on. 


Read the full article: The Ins and Outs of Retail Therapy: Are You Shoping for the Right Reasons?

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