Individual Therapy

The overall goal of individual therapy is to encourage exploration and insight in order to facilitate change and improve a person's well-being, often on a personal, as well as interpersonal level.  The particular focus of psychotherapy will vary depending on your concerns and goals; however, a central premise of this work is to help you deeply think about your current life so that you may live more fully and peacefully in the moment.  This will sometimes require you to explore past experiences which may have an affect on your current functioning as we seek to uncover any obstacles in your path to a more content and full life.  

My approach to psychotherapy is centered on creating a safe environment which will foster this type of exploration. I work collaboratively will my clients in order to jointly create goals for treatment and create a path to these goals which feels authentic and true to each client's sense of self. 

This type of work generally consists of weekly individual sessions lasting 50 minutes; however, frequency, length of session, and treatment duration may vary depending on your specific needs and circumstances.