Neuropsychological & Psychological Evaluations

The goal of these assessments is usually to arrive at a clear diagnostic picture, be it creating a psychological profile or assessing the cognitive and neuropsychological functioning of an individual.  Aside from reaching a clear diagnosis, these assessments are most useful for comprehensive, concise, and effective treatment planning.  Results are also helpful for obtaining academic accommodations (e.g., more time to complete tests), or providing diagnostic information for criminal or civil cases. 

Psychological and neuropsychological assessments make us of standardized tests and a typical battery of tests can rely on results of a dozen or more individual tests. Because of this complexity, assessments can range from 3-8 hours, and require an more extended time commitment from the client.  However, this is usually accomplished in one or two testing sessions.  Once the client has undergone all testing, results are combined into a narrative report, which can then be used by the client's medical providers as well as academic boards.

Dr. Bailey offers these services in Spanish and uses scientifically validated Spanish-language tests and measures in order to ensure Spanish-speaking clients receive culturally- and linguistically-sensitive assessments.